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What is iCare?

iCare is a researched four session mindfulness and self-compassion based programme designed particularly for Carers to build resilience, develop more positive ways of taking care of yourself and reduce stress.  It has been successfully delivered in a face to face format and an online version is currently being developed for those Carers who struggle to get away to attend face to face sessions...


Are you a Carer and would you like to participate in research to help yourself and other Carers?


Do you care for someone with a life limiting illness (not in a professional capacity)? Would you like to learn ways of handling the stress and anxiety of being a Carer through participating in the online iCare programme?

Would you be prepared to take part in research to help other Carers?


Being a carer of those with life limiting illness e.g. certain cancers, motor neurone disease, dementia or multiple sclerosis, can be very stressful.

Increasing your ability to take greater care of yourself may help you to stay resilient and healthy in the face of stress.

Available in early 2019 do contact me for further information and to be placed on the waiting list.

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